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Dear Visitors, Friends, Supporters and Champions of Young Woman's Guide,

Thank you for visiting our site and for supporting our initiative to empower young women to become future leaders. I founded Young Woman's Guide, Inc., in 2012., I remember vividly sitting as my desk and thinking to can I create something that prepares other young women and girls to be powerful leaders. At the time of the inception of YWG,  I was a graduate student at Rutgers University studying Global Affairs and working full time and I remember thinking back to all the women and men who had ushered, groomed and guided me in the achievement of goals. I was blessed to have great mentors and champions early on in my academic and professional pursuits.


I was able to accomplish so much as a young woman because I was surrounded by people who wanted to sincerely see me win. People invested their time, talent, skills and networks to ensure my goals came into fruition. I thought to myself, what if other young women had this same support system? What if other young girls were taught to be confident in their abilities and to be proud of their uniqueness? What if the concept of leadership was taught earlier on? What if these resources were free, available and most importantly created in love and purpose? What if?.....I began to stop asking myself "what if" and I got to work. Young Woman's Guide  was created out of love, passion, purpose and service. The vision of Young Woman's Guide today has grown into a collective vision shared by many.


We have held leadership workshops and conferences in Nigeria, South Africa and throughout United States. I also authored a book titled, Young Woman's Guide. The book is filled with tips and tools to help young women put their best self forward. We are still growing, still creating, and conquering the big visions that we have however we cannot do it without your support. Our 'Get Involved' link above provides you with options on how you can get involved. The future of our world will be shaped by smart, dedicated, experienced and most importantly well-rounded young women! Join us in building the next coalition of female leaders! #yougwomansguide 

In Service and Purpose,

Dr. Yetunde A. Odugbesan-Omede

From our Founder

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